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Our Mission


Max Medibles was formed in order to provide the highest quality of edible cannabis to Canadian consumers.


Finally, an adult can indulge for themselves, can medicate for themselves and can enjoy the wide variety of both pleasure and relief that nature has grown for us. If you’re reading this you know and have enjoyed all that marijuana can offer, and we are here to offer you, the cannabis connoisseur, the best products on the market.

Accurate THC Levels

Every one of our products has been lab tested to ensure accurate THC levels so you can medicate safely and effectively, or just partake leisurely knowing that what the label says is what is contained in our product.

Health Canada

All our Medibles have been manufactured in commercial grade kitchens that meet all food, health and safety standards set forth by Health Canada. We excel in safety, potency, dose accuracy and cleanliness.

Cannabis Benefits

If you are unfamiliar with marijuana,
the benefits of cannabis are many:

Deep sleep acquisition

Applications prescribed by a doctor

Relief from aches and pains

Mellowing out alone or with friends

This plant will help you realize yourself while your treat yourself; but with Max Medibles, no more rolling, and no more baking. We took care of the hard part so you can just get down with our delicious Medibles, for whatever reason you choose.

Now that the secret is out regarding the benefits of cannabis, we hope to be the leaders of a movement that brings as many people as possible to a future where they are as open as imaginable with themselves and others. Max Medibles will strive to become synonymous with the freedom to explore yourself, the freedom to medicate oneself as desired, and the freedom to pursue the leisure of our choice.